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ABOUT Big Daddy Kustoms

A custom motorcycle parts company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with 7 years of proven creativity in custom motorcycle projects, and providing various services to the bikers community in MENA. As bikers, we perfectly understand your needs and desires, we’ve got the heart, knowledge and ability to provide you the best service with the fastest delivery time.

Our vision

To provide our clients with elite and optimum delivery services for a huge range of custom motorcycle parts throughout the MENA region. To achieve our goals, we plan to expand through potential authorized local dealers in every country in the GCC.

Our mission

To under promise, over deliver, and to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Our Service

  • Supplying more than 60,000 custom parts for Harley-Davidson and custom built motorcycles.
  • Motorcycle build-offs and customization projects on Harley Davidson and V-twin Motorcycles.
  • Granting the opportunity for our clients and associates to sell their pre-loved motorcycles though our trusted website.